Sonya Crampton has competed in three-day events at the CCI**** level, jumper events at the Grand Prix level and is an accomplished hunter competitor and trainer. She was Long and Short listed for the Canadian 3DE Team for nine years. Throughout her career, from her years as a junior onwards, she has also been involved in producing high quality hunters and jumpers that she has shown in such prestigious shows such as Spruce Meadows, the Winter Equestrian Festival and the HITS circuits. Her students have competed from the beginner levels all the way up to the CCI*** level, been part of the NAYRC 2007 CCI** gold medal team, and shown successfully in the jumpers, equitation, medals, hunters, and dressage.

Sonya started riding at the age of 6 when her family acquired their first very bratty pony which she had to share with her older sister. She was an active Pony Club participant in rallies, tetrathlon, shows and camps. She joined Victoria-Saanich Pony Club in Victoria, BC, Canada soon after and worked her way up to becoming a B level Pony Clubber. It was during her PC years that she was introduced to various riding disciplines: dressage, jumper, three day eventing and received a very thorough grounding in stable management and horsemanship.

She has worked with numerous Olympic level riders and trainers including Anne Kursinski, Michael Page, Karen and David O'Connor, Jim Wofford, Leslie Law, Phillip Dutton, Joe Fargis and Robert Braswell. However, it was with the help of two coaches in Victoria, one a Hunter/Jumper Coach and the other an Event coach (herself a Pony Clubber) that she got the solid basics for her successful career. These coaches were also instrumental in mentoring her with effective coaching and teaching methods.

Most weekends would find her at a horse show or horse trials as a rider and coach. Whenever Sonya has a spare moment you are likely to find her with her nose in a book; she is a prodigious reader. Other hobbies in whatever leisure time she has include hanging out with friends, knitting, dancing, dining out and playing pool.

She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in languages with minors in Greek and Latin from the University of Victoria in Victoria, BC. She is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

Sonya as an Instructor

When you train with Sonya, you are actually benefitting from the combined experience many Olympic level riders that she has worked with. Sonya brings to her lessons the successful training techniques that have made Olympic champions. The results is that you achieve your riding goals more quickly and safely in comparison to other trainers who have not reached out to learn from the best.

It is not important what level of competition you seek or whether you ride for pleasure, but it is important that you have the correct skills to make your riding safe and rewarding. Sonya focuses on the basics of riding - balance, impulsion and finding the correct line. She does not waste your time with mundane excercises but develops a targeted training program specific you and your horse's needs.

Success does not come easy, especially in equestrian sports. Be prepared to work. If one exercise does not work, you experience another one in the next lesson that will. You will find that your progress will be constant and will be noticed by friends and judges alike.

Listen to what many of Sonya's students have to say about her techniques and work ethic.